What’s in this best smelling perfume?

LACOSTE, France — A new perfume from the French fashion house Chanel Mademoisell has become one of the most sought-after on the market.

The fragrance is based on the classic Lacoste line of perfumes and comes with a full list of ingredients and ingredients lists from brands such as the L’Oréal Beauty Line and the LACO Group.

Chanel has said the fragrance has been inspired by the history of the brand, including the history when it was founded in 1848 by the famous fashion designer Pierre Lanvin.

It’s the latest in a long line of Chanel fragrance lines created to be worn in public spaces, said Chanel spokeswoman Catherine Koeppenberger.

The perfume is “inventive, innovative, and beautiful, she said.”

It’s a great way to enjoy a moment with friends, colleagues, or customers.

It’s a way to make people feel more comfortable, as well as feeling confident,” she said, adding that the fragrance was meant to make the wearer feel more relaxed and at ease.”

You feel less overwhelmed and more at ease in your surroundings,” Koepps said.

Chanel says its new fragrance is not an imitation of the original.

The company is using “the best ingredients and the best technology to make it the very best product we can, Koeffensberger said.

In a statement to ABC News, L’Oreal said the scent of this new fragrance will be “featured on L’Atelier” a line of the Paris-based makeup line L’Auberge du Lac.

L’Lacostec said its new perfume will also be featured on LACOLADES, a line for women with long hair.

L’Ateleux is also one of France’s largest cosmetics companies and its fragrances are considered among the best in the world.

The fragrance comes with more than 100 ingredients and contains the same formula as L’Eau Rouge.

Chanels most recent fragrance, La Belle Éclat, is available in stores.LACOSTe has said it has worked with the French government, including on the creation of a new public awareness campaign to encourage consumers to use their time in public to explore and enjoy nature, as opposed to spending it on luxury products.

“L’Auxiliary is proud to collaborate with the government of France and La Belle Eclat to promote this spirit of nature,” said Chanels spokeswoman Isabelle Lelay.

“Our intention is to encourage a greater sense of curiosity and to make use of the day as a space to discover new experiences,” she added.

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