Gucci guilty of perfumes with Gucci perfume

A Gucci fragrance maker was sentenced to 15 months in prison Friday after pleading guilty to a federal charge of distributing a counterfeit perfume.

Giovanni Mazzucchelli, 45, of New York City, was convicted by a federal jury in March of conspiracy to distribute counterfeit goods and conspiring to commit mail fraud.

The case stemmed from a federal investigation that focused on Mazzuchelli’s use of a fake Gucci store to sell his fragrance products.

Gucci is one of the world’s biggest luxury fashion brands and owns brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

Mazzucci was arrested in December 2017 and was indicted by the Justice Department in March 2018.

The perfume he is accused of distributing was “Lemonade for Love,” which is made with rose petals, rose petal powder and vanilla extract.

A sample was found on the kitchen floor of Mazzuf’s home, prosecutors said.

Mazzuccheri’s defense attorney, Daniel A. Hockley, argued his client was merely following orders and was trying to avoid prosecution.

Maguire, the lawyer for Mazzuchilli, said the charges were politically motivated.

Mizzetti is a former U.S. attorney who also prosecuted Mazzuchi.

Mizzetti said the U.K.-based company that supplies Mazzudici’s products was a victim of Muggsy Bogues’ smear campaign.

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