Alyssa is the newest fragrance on my wishlist!

Alyssah’s is the latest fragrance on the wishlist of people in India who want to know more about the company, and is available in three different formulations. 

It is a blend of three different perfumes with different chemical structures and aromas, which are said to have a floral effect and a metallic taste.

The two best-selling perfumes, Alyssas ‘Satisfied’ and Alyssahs ‘Truly’ are both aged in oak barrels and contain notes of peppermint and black pepper.

Alysss ‘Succeed’ is a rose-y perfume with rose-based notes, which is made by blending Alyss’s ‘Soochie’ with a rosewood resin.

Alyssahs ‘Totally Pure’ is made with a blend made with 100% natural extracts of pepper, black pepper, and ambergris, which the company claims to have “no synthetic fragrances, no artificial fragrures or preservatives”.

The ‘Sauce’ fragrance is said to “make the skin feel soft and smooth, and it is also extremely rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C”. 

The Alyssapolises ‘Smokey Honey’ fragrance, on the other hand, is a floral fragrance, made from beeswax, cinnamon, and vanilla, and has a touch of musk. 

The ‘Truffle’ fragrance was originally created by Alyssys sister company Alysses, which made a blend out of vanilla, rosewood, and spices, and then aged it in oak casks for five years.

Its not clear whether the Alyssashis brand will expand in India, though, as it is only available in the state of Maharashtra.

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