Which perfume brands are worth the money?

A new study suggests that brands of burberry, which is also used by men, are worth more than other perfumes, including others from the fragrances category of perfume.

The study of 1,200 consumers, conducted by the Consumer Reports website, found that women who bought Burberry perfume were more likely to buy other brands of fragrance, including Bausch and Lomb’s “Sneaker” and Burberry’s “Summer.”

Women who bought Bauschi’s “Crown” were also more likely than men to buy a fragrance from the perfume category.

According to the study, women were also less likely to shop online than men.

Women also were more reluctant to purchase a fragrance that costs more than $150, compared to women who buy $150 or more worth of perfume, the study found.

Researchers said they believe that women are more likely in part because they are less likely than women who have a college education to buy fragrance products from online retailers, which may reduce their purchasing power.

“In this study, we found that in a wide range of categories, women buy more fragrance than men, even in the same category, suggesting that women do not feel they are buying a product that is worth the price tag,” said Dr. Julie E. Mott, a clinical assistant professor of pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco.

In the study of more than 1,300 consumers, Mott said women were less likely in general to buy fragrancing products, even when the price was $150.

“However, the number of women who purchased $150 worth of fragrance was also higher than the number who bought more than that amount,” she said.

The study also found that men were less willing to pay more for fragrands from online companies.

Mott said the findings are consistent with the research that women spend more money on other brands than men do.

Brazile, who is the CEO of the Beauty and Health Group, a consulting firm that provides product research, said she is confident that the findings will be replicated in other categories of fragrance.

“I think it’s pretty much a case of if you can’t sell it, don’t buy it,” she told ABC News.

Burberry has been on a marketing spree, hiring a new marketing director, as well as launching a new website, and it has also begun testing products at select retailers in California.

Last week, Burberry launched a new fragrance, the Burberry Banger, in response to the increased popularity of Burberry fragrains, and the brand also announced that its newest fragrance, Burkinabe, will be available in stores on June 23.

The company is also launching an online store called Burberry Shop, which will be open on June 1.

Evelyn Riebe, a senior analyst at retail analytics firm Canaccord Genuity, said that while women may be less likely, the findings should not deter them from purchasing fragrases from online sites.

“There’s no reason to think that it’s not going to happen in the coming years,” she added.

“There are a number of other fragrings out there that are actually worth a bit more than the average price of a $150 fragrance.”

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