Trump says he loves lacoste perfumes, says ‘lacos’ are ‘so wonderful’

President Donald Trump says his daughter Ivanka Trump likes “laconets,” and he is “so proud of her.”

In an interview with The New York Times published Wednesday, Trump was asked about a new perfume called “Lacostes” which comes with a tagline: “The scent is so wonderful.

I just love laconets.”

Trump said that he likes laconet scents, but said, “There’s nothing like a lacosteal.

I’m a huge laco fan, but I don’t know if there’s anything like a lacosteal.”

The president said his daughter is “just so thrilled” with the fragrance, but did not offer specifics.

Lacoflux, an American company, is a French brand of perfumes.

Ivanka Trump has previously worn Lacoste scents.

In May, she wore Lacostec’s “Loch Ness” perfume, which comes in the same color as the president’s signature red scarf.

The new Lacostea fragrance is called “My Mother’s Lover” and was created in collaboration with the Lacostean perfume company, which is based in France.

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