Bond 9 perfume review

Bond 9 is a blend of two classic perfumes. 

One of them is a popular scent and is very popular with women and girls around the world. 

The other is a brand new scent, and I don’t know if anyone else is going to have the chance to try it. 

So let’s take a look at the new Bond 9. 

It’s an elegant and feminine scent, with a rich and complex scent of rose petals, golden amber, and hints of white musk. 

Bond 9 is more of a feminine scent than it is a masculine one, and it has a sweet, fresh, and soft note. 

Its not overly floral, which is what most Bond 9 fragrances are. 

But its not exactly floral. 

That is, it doesn’t have the kind of rose notes you would find in a rose petal perfume. 

Instead, it has an elegant, elegant scent of white and golden amber. 

On the inhale, you get a sweet floral note.

The smell lingers in your nose for a while, and you can taste the rose petalles in the rose notes. 

Then the scent becomes more masculine, and is reminiscent of leather. 

In fact, this scent is the same scent that I have smelled from a bottle of Bond 9, and its even more elegant. 

There is an elegant floral note, and a delicate white musky note. 

 There are hints of rose and golden and white musks in the mix, as well. 

This is a feminine fragrance. 

I really like this scent. 

You won’t find many perfumes that can match this. 

If you don’t like masculine scents, then this is not the perfume for you. 

However, if you like fragrancing, and want a masculine scent, then I think you might like this fragrance. 

 This is Bond 9 in its purest form, which means that it is as feminine as it is masculine. 

When I first smelled it, I had no idea what it was going to be. 

All I could smell was leather.

I wasn’t sure what the leather was. 

What was the leather? 

What were the musks? 

I had no clue, and that’s when I realized what I was smelling. 

To me, the leather is a subtle, soft, and subtle note, but the musk is overpowering. 

As the scent lingers, it’s so strong, that it almost reminds me of a perfume of the past. 

My heart was pounding, and the smell had me on edge for a long time. 

At first, I thought it might be a mistake, because I thought I would be disappointed. 

Because of that, I decided to try the perfume and I was surprised to discover that it was beautiful. 

And, in fact, it is so beautiful, that I was almost afraid that it would break me. 

Just like with the perfume I reviewed a few weeks ago, I did not notice any fragrance similarities with Bond 9 at first. 

While I liked the scent and I found it quite feminine, I was also really interested in the musky notes. 

 I was looking forward to trying this fragrance, but I knew I wasn`t going to like it. 

 Its not that I didn`t like the fragrance, I just didn`T think it was worth the money. 

After I started smelling it, the musker was overpowering, but on the inhales, it was so subtle and subtle that I found myself wishing it was just there. 

Now that I am an experienced perfume lover, I have come to appreciate the nuances of this perfume. 

 It is a scent that has more of an elegant feminine, feminine note.

It has more white musking, and golden musks. 

A very feminine fragrance, in my opinion. 

These musk notes are quite beautiful. 

 The musk note is the perfect balance of rose, golden, and white, and there is a sweet note that lingers and softens the scent for a little while. 

Very subtle, but very elegant. 

 A very elegant scent, that is all the more impressive considering it is made from a blend. 

We have a Bond scent, a Bond 9 scent, this is a Bond fragrance, and this is Bond’s Bond. 

(The two are very similar.) 

This fragrance smells exactly as advertised, which I really like. 

With the scent in the bottle, I couldn`t detect any scent similarities, other than the musket note.

But on the nose, the smell lingered for a bit, and on the exhale, it became a bit stronger. 

Both perfumes smell amazing, and both perfumes are so unique and feminine that they are worth a try if you love Bond, Bond 9 and masculine scented fragrance.  Bounty

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