What’s in your fragrance? The ingredients, the way they smell, the smells, the texture, what’s in it, the name of the brand, how long it’s been in your home, and so on.

So if you’re buying your first perfume, you might have to ask yourself: “Am I going to use it?” and “Am the fragrance worth it?”

For some people, a few months or even a year of wearing it is all it takes to decide if the scent is worth the price. 

“I’m going to get my first perfume from a local company in the city, I’ll go for it, and I’ll wait,” says Shilpa Das, a 30-year-old marketing manager in the southern city of Visakhapatnam.

“The smell is good, it’s just that I want to wear it long term, and it’s not something you can just throw on at a bar or nightclub.” 

But there are more subtle ways to judge if a fragrance is worth it. 

Some people can smell the scent for weeks or months before they decide whether to wear or not.

“Some people find the scent of a perfume like this is so nice, they feel like they are wearing something beautiful, and they can’t stop,” says Pradeep Kaur, a marketing professional in the capital city of New Delhi.

“Others feel like a fragrance that smells like this, you know, is very sweet, and there is a bit of a scent of floral perfume in there, or it smells like flowers or something.

But it’s very subtle, I don’t really know if it is good.” 

“If a perfume smells good, but there is no scent or the smell is so strong, it is not a good scent,” says Kaur. 

If the scent isn’t that good, Das says, the perfume is not worth buying.

“You may not have to wear a perfume for that long, but you might feel like it’s worth it,” he says.

“When it comes to fragrance, the scent may not be good, or you may not like it, but it’s still not something that will make you say, ‘I am going to stop wearing this fragrance.'”

“But a fragrance isn’t just perfume, it can also be something that you would wear everyday, like perfume,” says Das.

“I wear a lot of perfume, but sometimes I do use it on a daily basis, I have to put it on when I go to work, I wear it on the way to work.

Sometimes I also wear it when I’m not going to work.” 

While Das is not sure whether or not his wife will buy his first perfume as long as he wears it, he says she has a different reaction to the smell.

“If I’m wearing a fragrance, I like it,” says Singh.

“Sometimes, when I wear a fragrance and the smell isn’t very good, I will say, okay, I need to put the perfume on.

But if the smell was very good and the fragrance is still there, I would not wear it.”

So if you don’t feel like wearing a perfume and you’re not sure if the fragrance smells good or not, you could still try some basic tests. 

A quick sniff: sniff it once or twice a day, every day. 

Don’t try to wear the fragrance on a regular basis, just once a day.

 If you’re trying a perfume that is new, you should ask your friend or a trusted person in your social circle for a test. 

Try to find out the quality of the fragrance.

If you can’t, don’t buy the fragrance from a store.

If the fragrance doesn’t smell like what you expect it to, then it might not be worth it to buy it.

If it smells good but it doesn’t do what you expected, you probably don’t need to buy the perfume. 

You can buy perfume online, at an office supply store, or in the store.

“It is the most expensive kind of perfume,” Das says.

“So you need to look at it for a long time.”Read More:

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