‘Alien perfume’: ‘It smells like you’re in space’

The aroma of an alien perfume is nothing new, but the new design for the perfume is an alien homage to the famous perfume, perfume designer Robert Johnson said.

The new perfume comes in three flavors: a fruity, floral and citrus scent, which is made by mixing together the fragrance of two different fruits and oils.

Johnson says the new fragrance, named ‘Icy Blue’, is inspired by the perfume designer’s childhood obsession with the scent of a lake.

Johnson, a member of the design team for the ‘Ichthyosaur’ perfume, told Newsweek he was inspired to design the perfume after visiting a museum of underwater art, where he saw what appeared to be the famous Ichthyosaurus perfume.

“I was like, ‘Wow, that smells like the perfume of a prehistoric creature that lived during the Jurassic era,'” Johnson said in an interview with Newsweek.

“It smelled like you were in space.”

The scent is created using a combination of two fruits and three oils.

The perfume’s original formulation used only one fruit and one oil, but Johnson decided to combine the two into a new formulation that contains two fruits, two oils and a citrus scent.

The scent was created with a blend of three different fruits, and a combination that was designed to mimic the nature of the lake.

The fragrance’s name is a reference to the Icy Blue lake, which Johnson says is an underwater painting of an ancient creature that lives during the late Jurassic era.

Icy blue is a beautiful lake in a lake in the United States.

Icy blue, Icy blues, the blue and the blue-green, they’re all associated with the water,” Johnson said, adding that the lake was named after the legendary painter Charles Babbage, who also designed a similar lake in 1876, and who called it the “Ichy lake.

“But I have no doubt that the name of the Lake of Iy, which has a similar name as Icy Lake, will be appropriate.””

I have no idea what the name ‘Iy’ is,” he said.

“But I have no doubt that the name of the Lake of Iy, which has a similar name as Icy Lake, will be appropriate.”

The new fragrance will be available for purchase at the fragrance retail store in New York City.

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