What to Know About Gucci’s ‘Bamboo’ perfume

Gucci is taking on the perfume world by launching its first fragrance in years, bamboo.

Gucci says it’s “bringing back a fragrance from the past that speaks to our roots and to the past,” in this case, a Japanese spirit.

It’s a new fragrance, which means it’s a collaboration between the designer and Japanese manufacturer, the world’s biggest bamboo company.

It’ll be available in men’s and women’s fragrances on February 1st and on its website March 17th.

Guccis bamboo fragrance is “a blend of Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, African and Chinese elements, reflecting the beauty of the environment,” according to a press release. 

It’s an unusual scent that’s “a tribute to the bamboo forest” and “the bamboo that grows in the world.”

Gucci bamboo fragrance will be released “in a limited number of limited edition, hand-picked bamboo fragrands,” according the press release, which states that the limited edition will be sold “at a special price of $60 for men and $60 per woman.”

The bamboo fragrance, called “Bamboo,” is the second fragrance Gucci has launched in 2017.

It follows “Barely Legal,” which is a “fresh, contemporary take on the scent of Gucci jeans,” and “Cigarettes, Inc.,” a “gothic, elegant blend of woody, spicy, and masculine woods.” 

Gucci bamboo scent will be available at a special $60 price point. 

According to the press, the bamboo fragrance “has a rich, sensual, and intense scent that captures the essence of the bamboo world and its inhabitants, while still maintaining its elegant, contemporary look.”

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