Gucci bamboo fragrance goes on sale in the UK

GUCCI BEACH, California — Gucci has announced its first bamboo perfume that will go on sale around the world this fall.

The fragrance is the company’s “Bamboo Summer” and will hit stores on Oct. 11.

It’s the company first foray into bamboo perfumes, and it’s a bold attempt to recapture the fragrance’s original appeal.

The company has not announced a release date for the fragrance, but the fragrance will be available for purchase online.

The perfume is Gucci’s first foray to bamboo, a unique type of plant native to South East Asia that was not cultivated for its fragrance and uses only woody leaves.

“Buddha” is a Buddhist word that means “tree.”

It means a tree that is protected from harmful forces and has good health benefits, said Gucci spokeswoman Julie Fonseca.

“We’ve been able to bring back the beauty of this beautiful tropical plant,” she said.

The scent is based on the iconic scent of the company, “Ladies of Gucci,” created by Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti in the 1930s.

The brand started using the “Bodhi” fragrance as an inspiration, she said, and developed a bamboo perfume for women in the 1970s and 1980s.

Gucci made bamboo perfume a top seller with the fragrance in its catalog in 2010.

But it took until now for Gucci to go into the world of bamboo perfumery, said Fon Seca.

The bamboo fragrance was a collaboration between Zanotti and FonSeca.

Fon seca said the bamboo perfume will be produced in China and is not an imitation.

The first fragrance was made for Guccis “Bard” women’s collection, and the brand also collaborated with Gucci for the brand’s “Kung Fu” fragrance, which was released in 2015.

“This is not a brand that is created to mimic other brands,” Fon-Seca said.

“It’s about creating a fragrance that is uniquely Gucci.”

The perfume will not only be available in Gucci stores, but will be sold on the Gucci online store, where the perfume will go up for sale from Thursday.

Facing growing competition from high-end fragrance brands such as Burt Bacharach’s Burberry and Tom Ford, the Gucci bamboo fragrance represents a new frontier for the company.

The Gucci brand was created in 1959 and has been a top-selling luxury brand in China for the past 20 years, FonSECA said.

She said the company will continue to innovate and continue to create new and unique products.

The new bamboo fragrance is Guccie’s third collaboration with the brand.

The previous collaboration was with the Chinese brand Dior, and Fonsseca said there were other collaborations in the works.

“Gucci is the epitome of luxury, so it is important to be creative and push the boundaries,” she told ABC News.

“What we’ve done with bamboo is to go back to the roots of our brands and to find our roots in the forest.”

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