Which perfume brands are on the rise in Australia?

Updated February 01, 2019 12:19:00 Australia is a big, expensive market for fragrance brands, with many emerging products offering a wide range of scent flavours, but there are also some big names out there.

Read more: Where to find great perfumes The fragrance category has become an increasingly important and lucrative market for the Australian luxury industry in recent years, with the rise of brands like Lancôme, Estée Lauder, and Chanel leading the way.

As a result, it’s easy to forget that Australia’s fragrance industry is not the same as the US or the UK.

Many of the brands that dominate the Australian fragrance scene are based overseas.

Passion for perfume There’s a distinct Australian love for scent.

A recent poll found that 81 per cent of Australian men have tried one of the perfume brands that are popular in the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, according to data from online survey firm IHS.

However, many Australians are still not aware that there are a number of big fragrance companies in Australia, and they can be confusing for people who don’t live in the country.

The Australian fragrance industry isn’t the same from company to company, and people can be confused for products with different colours, packaging and brands.

While the Australian perfume industry is based overseas, there are many major fragrance companies, like Marc Jacobs, L’Oréal, Orly, Guerlain and more, that are based in Australia.

Here are some of the big names in Australia that are currently making headlines for their products: Marc Jacobs – Known for its iconic fragrances, the company is a global brand with brands in the UK, Germany, Italy and the US.

The company’s flagship perfume, the fragrance Juicy Couture, is currently available in Australia via Sephora.

La Perfume – The brand has its roots in Italy, with founder Francesco dei Sforza and his wife Stefania making their way to Australia from Sicily.

Olive Leaf – The Australian luxury fragrance brand launched in 2017, with products like the perfume Scented, which is currently in stores and has been sold in Australia for more than a decade.

NARS – A small fragrance company based in Sydney, NARS is one of Australia’s most successful and iconic fragrance brands.

Its iconic fragrance range, including The Fragrance Suite, includes fragrases like The Perfumery, which has been on sale at Sephores for over 20 years.

Marc Jacobs – The company was founded in 1957 by Francesco and Liza Marcantonio and has produced fragrance products for over 70 years.

The Marc Jacobs fragrance range includes the fragrance Nude and its flagship, the perfume Luxe, which was released in 2016.

L’Orèal – L’Oreal, a company based mainly in France, has a long history of producing fragrains and has released fragrance products for more years than Marc Jacobs.

The line of perfumes is the same in both Australia and France.

Estée Lauder – The luxury brand founded in 1954 has produced products in Australia since the 1970s.

In the US the brand, which owns a large perfume division in the United States, has been a mainstay in the fragrance industry for more a decade, and has won several awards including the World Fragrance Awards, Best of the Year and Beauty Brands International Award.

Chanel – Chanel has a history of making fragrance products, and was the first French company to release fragrance products in the USA in the early 1980s.

It has produced several fragraries in the last few years, including the fragrance Pumice, and also a range of beauty products including Chanel Couture and Chanels Cosmetics.

Orly – Estée has released more than 300 fragrance products.

AstraZeneca – The Swiss fragrance company, founded in the 1940s, has produced fragras for more decades than Chanel.

Leo Wang – The American fragrance company founded in 1973 has released fragrance products since the 1980s, and is still one of China’s top fragrarians.

Hans Huygens – The German fragrance company was established in 1974, and it has produced many fragrades for more generations than Chanels.

Lucas Oil – The French fragrance company has been making fragriles for over 80 years, and the company was first to release a fragrée in the U.S. in the 1980’s.

Giorgio Armani – The Italian fragrance company started in 1962 as a perfume brand in the city of Ferrara, Italy.

Konstantinos Katsakis – The Greek fragrance brand started in 1976, and produced fragrance for more centuries than Chanellos Cosmetics, and now is also one of Asia’s leading fragrance brands

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