Which perfume brands have the most to say about Trump?

MSNBC has partnered with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting to create a list of perfume brands who are endorsing or supporting the president.

The list was created by a team of Pulitzer scholars who are compiling the list.

For each brand, they are given a question about Trump and then asked if they would like to endorse or promote the brand.

The questions asked include “If elected president, would you: support the U.S. military invasion of Iraq; and/or support the expansion of military action in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East?”

The questions range from whether the president should intervene in Syria to how he would handle the Iran nuclear deal.

The list of brands was compiled by a Pulitzer Center team of scholars who work with the American Press Institute’s Center for Investigative Reporting.

For a taste of what they were asked to find, check out the video above.

For more stories about the 2016 presidential race, watch the following news brief:

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