New Delhi-based perfume maker Donna Karan’s perfume is a must-have for the Indian city

In India, there are many brands of perfumes that have been around for a while.

A few of them are among the most popular in the country.

However, the Donna Karan perfume has become a popular choice among expats.

The perfume is made with coconut oil, a rich oil with a deep, floral smell.

The fragrance is so popular that the company has set up an online store where you can buy it.

The company, which is based in Delhi, is working on a new line of fragrances and is also hoping to expand its product line.

According to a report in The Financial Times, Donna has been selling its fragrance for about three years now.

The brand is known for its fragrant, rich oil, which has been used as an ingredient in perfume and other cosmetics.

The company has been making fragrant for more than 30 years.

The fragrants are available in two sizes: a 6ml bottle and a 2ml bottle.

It is available in a range of shades of blue, green, red and black, and it has a range with multiple color options.

The scent range is also stocked with the latest and best perfume formulas, which are based on organic ingredients.

The brand also has an online boutique selling fragrance products.

It also sells a range that has a lot of popular fragrands like the Lavender and Lavender Musk and Lavendoor and Lavendeau.

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