The UK perfume industry is worth £1bn per year but there are just a few perfumes on offer – by a UK artist

A few days ago I bought a few fragrances for a friend and his girlfriend. 

He had never even heard of Victoria Secret, a company famous for making perfumes with a unique twist. 

But I was keen to try some of the more fashionable brands. 

Victoria Secret is known for its bold and daring scents and this perfume was certainly one of the first to me. 

“You can smell the perfume, but it’s not exactly like perfume,” says my friend.

“The fragrance is not exactly what I expected.

It’s not the sort of scent that I would have bought from a perfume shop.” 

The fragrance, made by the Paris-based perfumer Henri Visconti, has a distinct flavour. 

It smells like it’s been dipped in some kind of liquid, but the liquid is more of a warm, musky musk. 

There’s a hint of amber in there too. 

The scent is described as “tangy” and “spicy” by a friend who found it on a perfume forum. 

In the bottle, it smells like a nice, smooth, creamy, velvety perfume. 

However, when it’s rubbed on my skin it starts to get a little too spicy. 

I wasn’t surprised to find that the smell is not all that great. 

One of the most popular fragrings for the UK is by Henry Rose, who’s famous for his perfumes that are very subtle. 

Viscontian’s fragrance smells like sweet butter. 

Not a bad scent, but not really one that I’ve experienced before. 

Another popular fragrance is by the artist Victoria Secret, which is based in Paris and is famous for its floral-like scents. 

My friend wasn’t impressed either. 

 “I didn’t expect anything really different to the smell of Victoria,” he says. 

And it wasn’t just the scent. 

This fragrance had a very distinct, floral, sweet scent to it. 

To me, this smells like something that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

Although it’s definitely a good scent for Valentine, it’s not as sexy as I would want for myself. 

That’s why I wanted to try Victoria’s Secret’s new perfume, Henrico Secret. 

Henrys Secret is a blend of sweet, floral and citrus scents that is supposed to be perfect to make up a special day for your girlfriend.

Henricos Secret is made from a blend of sweet and floral scents made from Bordeaux and is also made by Victoria. 

When I tried the fragrance on my lips, the scent was very pleasant. 

What I didn’t like was that it didn’t really work well as a scent.

The fragrance didn’t have that strong of a citrusy note, but I found that it was really strong. 

According to Victoria Secret’s website, the fragrance is inspired by a “love story” that has been shared on social media. 

Like many, I was drawn to the scent because of this love story. 

After I applied it to my lips and smelled the fragrance for a while, I started to feel very warm. 

At first I thought it was just my skin reacting, but after I rubbed it on for a few minutes, I realised that it’s actually my face reacting to the fragrance. 

As I continued to rub it on my face, I noticed that my skin was becoming more and more sensitive. 

On the way home, I found out that my boyfriend had been trying to get rid of this perfume.

I tried it again and found that the scent did not work well with my skin. 

So, I decided to give it another try and was not disappointed. 

First, it’s good. 

Secondly, it didn´t work as well as I expected it to. 

Finally, I did try to rub on it and the scent just didn’t work. 

If it doesn’t work for you, it is worth trying to give the fragrance another go. 

While I think this is a good fragrance, I think it’s better suited for someone who’s more into more romantic scents like those by Bruno Gosset. 

Gosset also makes a good beauty scent, but for me, I feel it’s more of an isele fragrance.

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