How to smell your favorite Mac perfumes

A new Mac perfumery has launched in Egypt, offering its customers a “first-class Mac scent experience.” 

In what’s a pretty cool new twist on Mac, the company is launching a Mac perfume in a new perfume bottle and its own Mac-centric fragrance line, which is available in all of the country’s major retailers, including Algiers, Alexandria, and Cairo. 

The perfume is available exclusively at The Samaa Besheer, the first-ever perfume shop in Egypt. 

“The smell is exquisite, and I have been smelling it for almost five years,” Samaa owner Aman Al-Khelaifi told The Times of Israel. 

Al-Khealaifi was the first Egyptian to open his own perfumier, the brand has sought to expand its offerings to include Macs in the past, but the store’s owner was recently unable to open its doors because of the revolutionary political unrest in Egypt and the ongoing economic crisis. 

So Al-Kaheali opened The Sammas Berena Store in December, offering a full-fledged Mac perfume line, Mac accessories, Mac software, and Mac accessories in its new store, according to Al-Safa blog. 

According to the SlamJam blog, The new Mac perfume is the first in a series of perfumers that will be available in the store and the perfume’s design is based on the iconic Apple logo. Apple has released Macs with their logo on them, but this is the first time they have offered Mac-themed Mac perfoms, according to the Samma. 

I love Macs and Apple products, Alkahefi told The Times of Israeli. 

Samiyaf Al-Batsheer was also a cofounder of The Batsheers Store, which opened in December 2017. 

This is a first in Egypt and is really a collaboration between Sambat Al-Alasr and Alba Alasrat, the owner of Samyaf Al Masra. 

For more on the Mac perfume, read The Times Of Israel’s story.

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