What you need to know about perfume sale

The beauty industry is in the midst of a massive perfume sale in Europe.

And as with any major sale, the biggest items in the perfume aisle are likely to be expensive.

According to the European Union (EU),  perfumes are considered “essential cosmetics” and must be sold on the same day they are introduced in the market.

As such, the sale of high-end perfume, which typically sells for €50,000 to €80,000, is expected to start this Sunday.

Ahead of the sale, Beauty and the Beast actress Emma Watson and model Gigi Hadid are expected to headline the event.

The sale will also include a host of other items, including a collection of the hottest designer fragrances.

The perfume market is worth over €4.2 trillion ($5.2 billion) and is the largest in the world, with sales accounting for nearly two thirds of all cosmetics sales in the European Economic Area.

Beauty and the Beasts actress Emma, who is currently starring in Beauty and a Beast, is one of the stars of the auction.

“Beauty, and the beasts, and this whole world, needs more love,” Emma tweeted.

Many of the biggest brands in the beauty world, including Estée Lauder, Nivea, Clinique and Chanel, are participating in the sale.

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