When the Glossier scandal hits, you should know what to expect

In a statement to Fox News, the company’s brand manager for cosmetics told the network, “This was a misjudgment by one of our talented artists, and it was wrong.”

“We deeply regret the incident, which is now being addressed,” she continued.

“As this matter is being investigated, we have no further comment at this time.”

A representative for the brand manager, who is not identified in the statement, said the “misjudgment” in question was a “mistake.”

The statement said that the artist has since apologized to Glossier, and that the company is “committed to supporting artists and supporting their work.”

The spokesperson added that Glossier has “strong ethical and moral obligations toward our artists and all artists who choose to use their names and likenesses in their products.”

The brand manager did not address whether the artist’s name was used in the perfume.

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