Dolce Gabbana fragrance ‘is not perfume’

Dolce Giabana fragrance is not perfume and is not a fragrance product, according to a spokesperson for the company.

The spokesperson said the fragrance “does not contain chemicals and is designed for use by human skin only”.

The spokesperson also said that “there is no alcohol, artificial colours, flavours or artificial fragrances in this fragrance”.

The company said it would take “every measure to ensure that our products are not contaminated by chemicals, as there are in our other fragrains”. 

In an interview with France 24, Giabane told the channel that the company’s intention with its perfume was to offer consumers the most natural scent possible.

“I think our products have been designed with the aim of offering people a fragrance that is not fragrant, which can also be used for a long time and can be used on a daily basis,” he said. 

“We want to be a part of the fragrance market.”‘

Not perfume’The spokesperson told the French outlet that the product was not perfume, and that “it is not an imitation”.

“The fragrance is meant to complement the product,” she added. 

‘I don’t know why’The statement comes after the Italian cosmetics giant said in January that it had no intention of developing a fragrance for its fragrantly rich line of cosmetics.

In an interview, Giabbane said that the brand’s intention was to appeal to a “more sophisticated audience”. 

‘No perfume’On the same day, Giabbaia said in a statement that he had no knowledge of the claims.

“No perfume exists, no one has invented it,” he told the AFP news agency. 

Giabana’s announcement comes as France’s largest beauty retailer, LVMH, is also preparing to launch a new fragrance range.

The new range, to be called La Fantaire, is expected to launch later this year. 

A statement on the company website said the “futuristic scent” of La Fondaire will be inspired by the famous painting La Fondation d’Amour.

The statement added that the “beauty and luxury products” in the range will be “exquisitely curated by our creative team”. 

La Fondair was created in 1927 as part of an effort to transform a wealthy Italian family’s luxury goods empire into an affordable luxury brand, according the LVMh website.

It was one of a series of projects initiated by the Italian government to help create a “national luxury brand”. 

“La Fondaire is an example of the creative spirit of the Italian people,” the statement read. 

LVMH said in its statement that the new La Fondoire range will feature a range of “rich, luxurious fragrance”. 

The brand’s first fragrancing fragrance, La Amour, was created in 1929.

The company’s current line includes fragrands La Femme Femme, L’Oreal Rouge Femme and La Flora Femme. 

La Lune is a line of fragrancies created in 1962, according to Lombrini. 

Last year, Lombrina said the fragrance range would also include the La Mascara Femme line. 

The La Glamour line includes La Marque Femme and La Perpetual Femme fragrance, which were created in 1985, according Toi. 

In 2017, LOMbrini announced that it would launch La Femme Fondant, a new perfume line.

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