The beauty industry’s hottest new trend: Lady Gaga perfume

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Lady Gaga’s most iconic perfume, one million perfume.

With over 2.2 million bottles sold worldwide, the fragrance has been the go-to perfume for artists and celebrities since the release of her first single, Born This Way, in 1989.

With this fragrance, Gaga has become a celebrity in its own right, and now, the brand is hoping to bring the brand to the masses by releasing an ad campaign.

“The ad campaign will feature a wide variety of Lady Gaga-inspired beauty products that will be available exclusively at Lady Gaga Beauty’s online store,, for a limited time,” the company said.

“To celebrate, we’re offering a limited-edition Lady Gagas perfume called The Lady Gaga of the perfume, and will also be offering a fragrance for women who want to show their love for the singer.”

The perfume will be released in limited quantities of 10ml and 5ml bottles, but it will be packaged in a reusable bottle and is said to be 100% vegan.

It is expected to be available for purchase from Lady Gaga and other brands in the US starting on January 10.

The campaign will be aimed at women who like to wear Lady Gaga beauty products, but don’t want to buy products from Lady Gags.

“Lady Gaga Beauty has teamed up with our partner, Visconti’s, to bring this perfume to a whole new level of beauty, and we look forward to bringing this special fragrance to the marketplace in 2019,” a statement on the Lady Gaga-branded site reads.

“With this perfume, Gaga is able to continue to shine a light on beauty and create a positive image for women by wearing her brand of beauty.

We’re proud to work with Viscons for this limited edition perfume.”

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