Fendi perfumes for sale

New York, NY, November 11, 2018—For the first time, a perfumer is selling a fragrance that has never been sold in the United States.

The perfume, which is called Fendi Atomizer, is available in two sizes—1mL and 2mL—at the New York City-based perfumeries company, Métrie du Plessis.

The product was launched in Europe earlier this year by the perfumerie maker in France and is available only in the U.S. for now.

It is priced at $50 for the 1mL bottle and $75 for the 2mL bottle, which includes a fragrance base and a sample of the fragrance.

The 1mL Atomizer was created by perfumer Jean-Louis Boudy, who is also a founding partner of the Métrier du Poules company.

It was first launched at the Paris Fashion Week in August 2017.

The 2mL Atomizers was created and developed by a French designer named Louis Boud, who also is a founding Partner of the New-York-based Métrièdien du Pougoules perfumery company.

According to the company, the 2ml Atomizer is an elegant blend of three perfumes, inspired by the famous Perfume de la Lune fragrance.

According to the brand, the 3ml Atomizers are the culmination of the four ingredients of the original 1mL formula, plus a new, more powerful and less expensive, fragrance, the new 2mL.

The 3ML is an innovative fragrance designed to provide the ultimate luxury experience for any occasion.

The new fragrance has received positive reviews, with some users commenting that it “seemed to be as natural as the fragrance it replaces.”

The brand has been selling the perfume in limited quantities at retail stores and online since mid-September.

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