When women wear perfume, men feel ‘disgusted’

Men who are attracted to women wearing perfume have been found to feel “disgusting” by the smell, according to research published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

“The odor of perfume makes the wearer feel uncomfortable, and is thus perceived as threatening,” the researchers said.

The study used the Internet’s “piggybacking” feature to find that the men were more likely to see women wearing the perfume if they had been asked to rate the smell on a scale of “disappointing” to “unfavorably”.

“Men who rated the scent ‘unfavorable’ reported that the perfume was “more unpleasant to them”, said Dr Ravi Prasad, one of the study’s authors.

But when they were asked to write down their perceptions of the scent on a three-point scale, they rated the perfume “pleasant”, “very pleasant” and “unpleasant” according to the results.”

Women who rated it ‘unpleasant’ were also less likely to think it was a good smell,” Dr Prasam said.

He said the study, which was published online by Frontiers, also revealed that men who thought women were wearing perfume were also more likely than those who didn’t to think that women wearing perfumes made them feel bad.”

We also found that men rated the smell ‘unacceptable’ to be worse than those in the ‘pleasant’ group,” Dr Prakash said.

The researchers said the results showed that the “distress” people felt when smelling perfume was more than just a feeling of disgust.”

It may be that men’s distaste is triggered by the scent, which is a source of sexual arousal,” Dr Srinivasan said.”

Or it may be they are simply more sensitive to the scent than others.

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