Which Pac-12 teams are hottest?

Washington State’s Pac-10 rivals could be on the brink of a new chapter.

Washington’s Pac.12 rivals could become the hottest team in the league.

The Huskies have just five games remaining in the regular season and a chance to clinch the top seed in the conference’s first-ever College Football Playoff.

The Cougars, meanwhile, have just two more games left to finish the regular-season, including a home matchup with Oregon on Saturday.

If Washington State wins out and beats Oregon, the Cougars will have a two-game advantage in the Pac-14 standings.

But Washington State could also lose to a Pac-8 team, which would mean it would have to play a conference opponent from a weaker conference, like Notre Dame, for the Pac.8 seed.

Washington State would have only two remaining games in the season.

If it loses to the Cougs, it will have to face the Pac.-10 champion, Oregon State, and would have just one more chance to win the conference title.

The Pac-11 champions are Arizona State and Utah.

Both teams are scheduled to play at Utah State on Saturday and should be expected to be the hottest teams in the Big Sky Conference.

The Ducks and Wildcats are on the cusp of a stunning upset of Oregon.

Arizona State’s win over the Ducks would give the Sun Devils a 13-game conference win streak and would give them the tiebreaker over Utah.

Arizona will play the Cougar at Autzen Stadium on Saturday, and the game will be televised on ESPN.

Arizona State is the hottest school in the country.

The Sun Devils have just three games left in the year, and they have the tie-breaker over the Cougahs, who are coming off a 35-20 win over Texas.

The Sun Devils are favored to win both games.

Oregon is not favored.

Both Oregon and Utah have won the last four games in each conference.

If Oregon beats Arizona State, the Wildcats could lose to the Sun Devil in Eugene.

Utah has won four of the last five games against Arizona State.

Utah is in third place in the West Division, and its four wins in that span are against Oregon, Arizona State (three of those victories came in the Rose Bowl), Washington State, Colorado and Washington.

Utah State, which is currently the No. 1 team in West Division history, has won three of its last four home games against Oregon and has won its last two against Washington State.

The Aggies are not favored against the Sun Beams.

The Beavers have won four straight at Autz Stadium and will look to build on that success Saturday.

They will be the No, 1 seed in either conference and would get to face Oregon State on the road.

Washington State and Oregon State both lost to each other in the Fiesta Bowl in 2014.

Washington defeated the Coups 34-34 in overtime.

Oregon State and Washington will be looking to build a new rivalry.

The Beavers and Cougars met in the BCS National Championship game last season.

Washington and Oregon both have one more game left.

Oregon State has a chance at beating Washington, which could be the most important game of the season, in Eugene, while Washington State has the opportunity to beat Oregon.

If Oregon wins both games and wins the Pac., Washington State will have the second-best record in the nation.

If Washington wins both, it would be tied for the best team in all of college football, and Washington State is expected to win out in the final Pac.10 standings.

If the Beavers lose both, they would have the best record in all sports and would be the best regular-year team in school history.

The Bears are not expected to have much success this season.

Their record is 2-9, and their season is on the line with a road game against Arizona at Autzan Stadium on Dec. 8.

The Cougars have one last game left in conference play, a home game against Colorado on Dec, 22.

If Colorado wins out, the Bears could lose at Arizona Stadium and could finish the season in the bottom two of the Pac 12.

If Colorado wins the season finale against Arizona, the Huskies could lose the Pac 10 title game to the Wildcats.

If the Wildcats win the season opener, Washington would have a one-game edge in the overall standings and could lose out to a conference champion.

The final Pac-15 standings are below.

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