What’s in the Paris Hilton perfume?

PARIS (AP) French luxury brand Paris Hilton perfume has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on animals, its chief executive said Wednesday.

The approval by the agency was granted to the cosmetics maker based in Paris.

The company says the perfume will be available in retail stores and online.

The fragrance is part of the Hilton Group’s portfolio of fragrances.

The fragrance’s ingredients include bergamot, lavender, cardamom and rose petals, the company said in a statement.

Its first release in 2018, it is a fragrance made by Paris, a city that has been criticized for its harsh treatment of the animals.

In 2018, the city banned animal testing for cosmetics, including Hilton products.

Hilton has been at the center of animal welfare issues in France.

In 2017, the government banned the sale of the cosmetics in public places and closed dozens of animal shelters, citing animal cruelty.

The move prompted the company to launch a campaign to help make animals feel comfortable in public.

Hermann Hildebrand, CEO of ParisHildebrand said the perfume’s popularity shows “how our vision for the future is a vision of an animal-free world.”

He said he has been working for the company’s vision for a vegan, plant-based lifestyle for years.

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