When Paloma Picasso’s perfume was a hit

PalomaPicasso perfume became a household name for many women.

It became a global sensation, selling out of 100 million bottles, and has been immortalised in a perfume bottle by the American actress, actress and fashion designer Paloma “Paloma” Picasso.

“The Paloma perfume was the perfume of the year in America, it was a great hit,” Ms Picasso, who is now 83, told ABC News.

In the US, the perfume was sold through the beauty company Coty and was the first fragrance sold on the street in the US. “

A lot of people don’t know that the first thing they do is go to a perfume store and see the name Paloma, and that’s how they learn about my work and my work as an artist.”

In the US, the perfume was sold through the beauty company Coty and was the first fragrance sold on the street in the US.

“That’s when it became an institution in America and a thing of beauty,” Ms Pascallos said.

“I thought that the Paloma was the perfect fragrance, because it had so many different kinds of fragrances that were very interesting and different, and so much so that I actually wanted to create my own version of it.”

Ms Picardos perfume was created for her daughter, Lucía Picasso – the actress, whose career was built on being an actress.

Ms Picards daughter Lucía died of breast cancer in 2016.

The actress has since said the first perfume she made was inspired by the death of her mother.

“As I started writing and making the perfume, I knew that I wanted to be a person that could do something to help other people,” Ms Lucía said.

Ms Lucías perfume sold out in three months.

It also went on to be included in the new perfume box of the US fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, whose latest collection was released on Friday.

The perfume also made its way into the US’s Macy’s department store chain.

“What Paloma has done is really remarkable, it’s just incredible,” Ms Macaronos daughter said.

The first batch of the Palomas perfume sold for $1,000 (£610) and was made in a warehouse in Argentina.

“This was a very expensive fragrance, but Paloma had this incredible passion and this incredible vision, and I really felt she could do anything with it,” Ms Lisa said.

While Paloma’s original inspiration is unknown, Ms Macaulos daughter Lucíes daughter Paloma shared a message with the ABC News Breakfast show about how it helped her daughter and her legacy.

“My daughter was a beautiful person, but she also had a great sense of humour,” Ms Linda said.


But I also think she’s a very special person and she’s always wanted to do things for other people, and she did it in a way that I think is very powerful.”


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