Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes wants to ‘give us the perfect’ in midfield

It is not just the attacking midfield, but also the defensive midfield which needs to be improved, according to Jupp Hisreis, the coach of Bayern Munich.

“In the last two years, the team has lost some of its quality.

There have been changes in our midfield.

We lost our defensive midfielder, Jupp, who has been injured and will not play.

That was one of the reasons why we had to make a change, because he was a key figure in our defence, but he is no longer in our team.

We have to have a strong midfielder and I have faith in my defensive players.”

While Heynkes is referring to the departure of Joakim Loew, the manager said the changes needed to be made in the midfield.

“We lost a player who is a key part of our team, Jorgen, who will no longer play for us.

We also lost the captain, Robert Lewandowski, who is out injured.

It was an important player in our defense.”

With Loew gone, the central midfield is the most important position for Bayern, but Heynkeis wants to improve it.

“I want to give us the best possible players, not only in terms of their qualities but also their personalities,” he said.

“As a manager, I am a fan of the players.

I am very patient and believe in them, so I will not let any player be forgotten.

I want them to be here to play every match.

The players are ready, they are strong, they will be the best in the world.

They are very good.”

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