What’s in Mariah Carey’s perfume? A look at some of the top perfumes available for sale online

With a busy schedule, MariahCarey has been putting out a lot of products over the past few years.

Today, the superstar singer is giving fans the chance to get a sneak peek at her new line of perfume products, which are all priced at $40.

The newest release is a $10 scent called the Golden Lotus, which is a blend of green tea, lavender and geranium.

It’s supposed to be “a sweet scent that’s just right for summer.” 

Another new fragrance is the Spring Lily, which combines rose, rosemary, basil and lavender.

The scent will be available at $30.

A brand-new fragrance called the Red Lotus will also be available in a $15 price range.

That fragrance is supposed to bring a hint of summer to an otherwise somber fragrance.

The brand also launched a $20 fragrance called The Golden Apple that’s supposed.

to bring something extra to the table.

This perfume will be priced at “just right” for a summer scent.

Other fragrance offerings include $5 perfume called The Blue Lotus, $20 scent called The Silver Lotus and $20 perfume called Summer Lotus. 

MariahCareys perfumes are priced at a total of $60.

Here are some of some of Mariah’s new fragrances:Golden Lotus (a blend of purple tea, geranium, lavend, and green tea)Silver Lotus (rose, rose, lavand, lavin)Spring Lily (spicy peppermint, neroli, lime, and tonka bean)Red Lotus (lavender, mandarin, and patchouli)Golden Apple (liquorice, bergamot, and neroli)Summer Lotus (grapefruit, tonka, lime)Here are the fragrables that will be hitting store shelves this summer:Spring Lily, $30Lavender, $10Lavend, $25Mango, $7Pink Lemon, $5Pink Peppermint, $2Pink Neroli, $1Spring Lily Sweet, $15Silver Lotus, $20Silver Apple, $18Silver Apple (spice), $15Summer Lotus Sweet, $15Golden Lotus, Sweet, Sweet (spices), $20Summer Lotus Summer, Sweet Sweet, Summer (spiciness), $10Winter Lotus Sweet (bergamots, nerolias, tonkas, etc.), Sweet (sweet), Sweet (lavend), Sweet Sweet Sweet (plums), Sweet Winter Lotus Sweet Sweet Summer (plum, tonkas, tonki, etc.)

Summer Lotus Red, $60Summer Lotus Blue, $45Summer Lotus Pink, $40Summer Lotus Purple, $35Summer Lotus Rose, $22

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