How Issey Miyake Inspired Issey Murakami’s ‘Passion’ by Kilian Perfume

Issey Miyake’s “Passion” was inspired by Kilians “Penthouse” fragrance, according to her manager.

“We are very happy to announce that the ‘PentHouse’ fragrance is the inspiration for Issey’s ‘passion’,” says a post on Isseys official Instagram account.

“This is a wonderful fragrance, one of the most popular in the world, but not all people have access to it.

Kilian has created a perfume that has a unique scent that you don’t often see in perfumes, and Issey wanted to take the opportunity to share it with you.”

Issey recently announced her solo album, “Nostalgia.”

“Pilot” was released in April, and “Kilian PerFume” is slated for release in September.

Issey is the fourth Japanese woman to win the Grammy for Best Female Artist for her performance in “The Artist,” the 2017 Grammy Awards, which were broadcast on ABC.

“The Academy Awards is the best opportunity to showcase the music of artists who are not just famous but also extraordinary, and I’m honored to be honored to work with Issey,” said singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse.

“I know that every year I am honored to see the music that Issey creates, and the incredible work she does.

She is truly a special person, and this is a special time to be a part of her music.

Congratulations, Issey.”

“Kilian PerFumel” will be available for purchase online on August 31, and a limited edition is expected to be released in September at the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C. for an estimated $200.

Isse is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Japanese American National Museum in Washington, D.F., and she was featured on the cover of the museum’s May issue.

“Kilo Perfumel,” the fourth perfume from Kilian, is available at select retailers nationwide.

The Japanese fragrance is also available at

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