How to make your own Balenciagas for the girls

This is a great recipe for women to make their own perfumes.

The secret to making it is in the ingredients and the fact that you can make a really strong scent out of the ingredients you use.

You can use the exact same ingredients as the Balen Ciags you buy in the store.

The one thing I find very important about making a Balençaga perfume is that you do not need a lot of ingredients.

It’s best if you only have the ingredients that you want to use and that you are comfortable with.

Make your own perfumery recipe: The ingredients for making a perfume recipe are as follows: 1 1/2 cups water 2-3 drops of essential oil (or a combination of essential oils) 1/4 cup of essential sugar 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract 3 drops of citric acid 1/8 teaspoon of cedar oil 1/16 teaspoon of lavender essential oil 1 1 / 2 tablespoons oil of your choice (I use a combination that is from my personal collection) 1 1 teaspoon of essential butter or oil (optional) 1 teaspoon cinnamon or cloves 1/3 cup of the essence of a good Balencinaga (or more if you want more of a strong scent) 1 cup of powdered sugar 1 teaspoon lemon juice (optional but great) Add the water and essential oil to the bowl of a mixing bowl.

Stir to combine.

Add the essential oil and sugar and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

If it’s not too wet, add the vanilla extract.

If you want a more strong scent, add more essential oil.

If the mixture is too thick, add a bit more essential butter.

Stir well.

Once the mixture has sat for 10 minutes, pour it into a small glass jar.

Fill it with water.

Let it sit at room temperature until it starts to cool.

Then pour in the essential oils and sugar.

Let the mixture sit for at least an hour before adding the citric and essential oils.

Now add the essential butter and lemon juice and mix it well.

Add another cup of water to it and stir it until it is well mixed.

Now pour the fragrance in the jar.

Now cover it up with a piece of paper towels and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

When you open it up, it should smell good.

Let cool.

This is the best time to start a scent making process.

If your Balencegas smell is stronger than usual, add another cup or two of water and stir the mixture until it smells like a good perfume.

Let your scent sit for a few minutes before adding more essential oils to it.

Pour the fragrance into a bowl and put a piece (or several) of paper towel over the top of the bowl.

This will help to absorb the scent into the bowl so it doesn’t get absorbed by the fragrance.

Now, place the fragrance bottle into the fridge.

When the bottle has been in the refrigerator for 30 hours, take it out and shake the bottle to shake out any residual perfume.

You will need to pour out the scent from the bottle once it is completely cold, so just be careful not to touch it.

It will be nice and clear in the bottle, but it will still smell of the Balenos you have used.

Place the perfume in the freezer for 30 days and allow to thaw completely before opening it.

Once it is thawed, it can be opened.

This recipe makes about 12 bottles.

It can also be used for making other fragrances.

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