The Best of Nicki Minaj perfume, featuring Ed Hardy, from Boucheron

Ed Hardy is known for his signature scent and has been featured in other fashion brands.

The best of Nicky Minaj perfumes are now available on The Irish Fashion Festival website.

Hardy, the artist behind many iconic fashion designs, was in attendance for the event and showed off his collection, which included three Ed Hardy perfumes.

The collection features three fragrances inspired by Minaj, one inspired by her signature line, and one with a more contemporary twist.

The collection is available from the Boucherons perfume store in the Ballymore Shopping Centre, Dublin from August 25.

Ed Hardy’s collection of fragrants are available on the Bouchers website, including Ed Hardy’s signature perfume, Ed Hardy fragrance, and Nicky’s signature fragrance.

Included in the collection are Ed Hardy scent #1, Ed’s signature perfumes #1 and #2, and Ed Hardy perfume #3.

“Nicky’s collection is the pinnacle of Ed Hardy design and the epitome of modern femininity,” Ed Hardy said.

“It is a true collection of Ed’s passion and talent.”

Ed Hardy has been named one of the best artists in the world by Time magazine and is the founder and sole owner of the popular Ed Hardy collection.

Boucherons is one of three boutique stores to hold a collaboration event featuring Ed’s fragrands at the festival, along with the Bouquet shop in London and the Fashion Week in Paris.

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