Which companies can expect to reap the most from AI in the next decade?

Answering a series of questions from readers on the company’s recent earnings, Amazon said it expected to “become a leader in AI by 2025”.

The company said it would be the first company to offer a fully automated and personalized assistant called Alexa to consumers.

It said it was working with IBM to build on its existing Alexa hardware, and that it was in talks with several technology companies about working with their products on the platform.

“As we look forward, we’re excited about the potential for Amazon’s technology to become an essential part of our everyday lives,” Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos said.

“Amazon’s vision for the future is about the people and the places we create.”

The company’s future is set to include a more integrated voice assistant with the ability to perform tasks on demand, Amazon’s chief financial officer, John Murphy, said in a statement.

Amazon’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos says the company is not ruling out AI as a driver of its success in the years ahead.

The company has said it aims to have a fully self-driving car by 2025.

However, it is not clear whether this means it will also be able to take on other forms of AI.

It has also not confirmed whether it will have an AI-driven service like UberEATS or LyftEATS.

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