How to use the Amazonian perfume in the Amazon: 5 things to know

Amazonian is a brand that focuses on fragrances that are natural, organic, and/or fragrant, which is why the company is known for its beautiful floral and aquatic perfumes.

The Amazonian fragrance, as it’s known, is often referred to as a sea urchin scent, as sea ursine algae grows on it and creates a strong scent.

When you’re shopping for an Amazonian fragrance, you should always ask yourself: Are you looking for a natural or organic one?

If you’re looking for something that will work for your skin, you might want to look for a water based fragrance.

A water-based fragrance will be more gentle on your skin because of the low pH levels.

Water-based perfumes tend to be more delicate than other fragrands and will need to be applied to your skin several times daily to maintain the best results.

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