What happens when Victoria Secret perfume launches in India?

The brand is set to launch in India in March 2019 and its first two fragrances, the Victoria Secret Collection and Victoria Secret Perfume, will be available in select stores across the country.

The brand, which is owned by Gucci, has launched several fragrains in India before including the Victoria Secrets and Gucci Perfumes in the past, but it is the first time that the fragrance company has ventured into the market in India.

The brand was launched in India last year with its new collection and the new fragrance was released in April last year.

The new fragrance, Victoria Secret Beauty, is a feminine-focused scent with a hint of rose and a hint to orange.

It comes in a limited edition of 100 and is priced at Rs 3,999 ($4,200).

According to the brand, the fragrance’s appeal lies in its ability to bring together all of the women’s styles, creating a feminine scent that has a feminine, sexy and sensual appeal.

The fragrance also features a rose scent that is reminiscent of roses and the company said that it is based on the fragrance of a real rose bush.

The scent has been described as a combination of rose with citrus, pink pepper, and amber.

The perfume also features floral notes that have been described by the brand as “a rose-infused perfume”.

According to Gucci India’s vice-president of marketing and brand, Rakesh Sharma, the brand is targeting a segment of women who are looking for feminine, feminine-friendly products.

He added that the brand’s latest offering will be a fragrance that combines all the latest trends and technologies to create a fragrance which is both feminine and feminine-specific.

Victoria Secret Beauty is the second fragrance by the perfume brand in India to be launched in the country and will be priced at R75,000 ($9,200) and available exclusively in the Gucci stores.

The perfume is also the second Victoria Secret fragrance to be released in the Indian market, after the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Collection, which launched in February.

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