‘Boys will be boys’: How French girls are using a new scent to ‘cure’ boys

French girls have been experimenting with a new perfume to help boys grow out of their masculinity and stop growing up in the same way.

The scent, called “Men’s Laundry” by the company Cie-Le Couture, has been inspired by men and boys of the past.

It is currently available for purchase in a range of shops in Paris, including the Le Chateau du Rhone, the Paris Opera House and the Pompidou Centre.

Men’s laundry has also been a part of the fashion industry for a long time, and the new fragrance will be available for sale at all the main boutiques of Paris, as well as at the prestigious Pompido and La Petite Nordiques.

But the fragrance has also received a lot of attention in recent months, thanks to the popularity of the film “Boys Will Be Boys” by French director Bruno Ganz.

The film, which focuses on a young man who is struggling with his masculinity and is forced to become a boy, has become an internet sensation and spawned a number of parody videos, including one that uses a similar fragrance to “cure” boys of their sexual attraction.

“We decided to create a new, masculine scent for the young men who are growing up and to make sure they get it, even if it’s just in the name,” Cie Le Couture co-founder, Isabelle Houda, told Reuters.

The new fragrance is a collaboration between the company and a Parisian makeup artist, and is currently being tested on its first batch of more than 400 bottles.

“There are about 800 men in our society who have never seen the movie,” Houdan said.

“So we wanted to create this fragrance to show them that they are still men.”

While the scent will help men grow out, it will also help young boys become more confident, confident enough to have sex, according to the company.

The fragrance is also aimed at helping young men and women who are struggling with their sexuality, Houdas added.

The company also hopes that the new scent will “give young boys confidence to have sexual relationships and not be ashamed of it”.

“This is the time when boys need to have a real, authentic relationship with themselves, with their emotions, with how they feel and how they act,” Houla said.

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