A bottle of perfume from France is sold for more than £1,000 on Amazon.com

Amazon’s largest discount perfume retailer is offering a bottle of French perfumes for more on Amazon than its competitors, according to its annual report.

The company revealed in its annual reports that its perfume sales rose by more than 50 percent in the first quarter of 2019.

The growth in sales came as a direct result of increased awareness and interest in the fragrance industry, Amazon said.

Amazon said the increase in sales was driven by strong demand from shoppers and shoppers from France, where it operates a $8 billion perfume business.

Amazon’s France-focused website has become a top selling destination for online shoppers in the country, with shoppers from around the world buying products from the site.

Amazon is the biggest retailer of perfume, cosmetics and fragrances in the world, with an average of $13 billion in revenue from the industry in 2017, according the company.

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