A new perfume by the French brand Dillards – perfume and beauty products

A new fragrance from French cosmetics brand Dills, which launched in 2016, has won the 2018 Women of the Year Award at the International Fragrance Show in Las Vegas.

Dillards’ fragrances, which include a range of botanical fragrains, were among the first in Europe to be inspired by the works of botanists, including botanist Jacques-Auguste Perret, who lived in France from 1826 to 1848.

Dills’ new perfume, which comes in two sizes, is called the “Cherry Blossoms” and was designed by renowned perfume stylist and perfumer Louis Dallier, whose first book, The Master and Margarita, is still a popular reference work today.

The perfume is said to be an uplifting scent of cherry blossoms that offers a soft and relaxing, feminine scent.

The scent is made with rose, vanilla and musk.

Dallier said: “My passion for fragrance began in the 1970s, when I started studying the botanics of flowers and rose, but it was in the late 1970s that I decided to explore the possibilities of using botanical perfumes to create a fragrance for women.”

I wanted to use flowers as a way of expressing emotions and to create something that is truly beautiful.

“The fragrance was inspired by Perret’s work and Dillard has made some changes.

The fragrance has been updated and now has a rose, pink pepper and musky fragrance that is described as a “perfectly feminine fragrance”.

Dillard also added an orange flower scent to the fragrance.”

In 2018, I decided not to use any artificial fragrants and to use the same essence of organic rose oil and musks,” Dalliers said.”

It is the first time I used an organic rose oils and muskins in a fragrance and they all blend together very well.

“The fragrance is so feminine, it can be worn on its own or with other fragrences.”

Dillds fragrance is available in 12 different sizes.

It is also available in a small box for men and a small package for women and is available online at dillds.com.

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